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10 X $500 PROGRAM - Play the 10 x $500 program Every Monday 12:15pm, 7:00pm & 10:00pm, Wednesday 12:15pm, Saturday 12:15pm & 3:30pm and Sunday 12:15pm, 3:30pm, 7:00pm, 10:00pm.

NEW 20 X $500 - The Friday and Saturday 10:15pm sessions will feature our NEW 20 X $500 program. The program also has 2 x $1000 and a special "Load your Verifier" option for $20!!! For more information please see the programs posted in hall.

CONTACT US! - 905-884-7795-Office or 905-884-8066-Hot Line for information on promotions, sessions, or hours of operation.

NEW $15,000 MUST GO PROGRAM - Your Friday 7:00pm session now features the NEW $15,000 MUST GO Program

NEW $22,000 MUST GO PROGRAM - Every Saturday 7:00pm session now features a $22,000 Program.

CHEAP VERIFIER PACKAGES - TUESDAY & THURSDAY 12:15pm and 10:00pm sessions verifiers $40 or $60 TUESDAY & THURSDAY 7:00pm sessions verifiers $45 or $65

8 BALL MUST GO - The 8 ball game will be a MUST GO EVERY MONDAY night at the 7:00pm session for $5,000!! Will also be a MUST GO every FRIDAY 7:00pm session for $3,000!!

DOUBLE ACTION MANIA - Play Double Action Mania every Friday and Saturday night following the 7:00pm sessions.

FREE BREAKFAST BINGO - Every Friday play our FREE breakfast session. The sessions starts at 10:00am

$1/STRIP!!! - Every Friday at the 12:15pm session ONLY play $1/Strip!!!

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